Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spent a week in Akaroa fishing,swimming,hiking, and partying with the girls from the hostel and Sean.  Then Sean and I hitch hiked up to Arthurs pass, got there a day late so decided to back track instead of continuing on. Went through a cave with water up to our chests, had to swim under some rocks to get through. Spent a night at castle hill where we did some bouldering and hiking. Got back to Christchurch a few days early, chilled with people at the hostel I went to when I first got here.That night ended after Sean ran his mouth about two Irish guys grandmother and had to pull them off him. Hitch hiked with Sean back to Akaroa and said goodbye to my friends from the hostel there, made plans to meet back up in Wellington.  Spent the last 3 days camping out in Christchurch, enjoying some Jake time; reading, writing,meditating.

 Going to work on a farm tomorrow on the west coast for about 10 days, then hiking the Abel Tesman. After that il spend a week in Wellington with the ladies..... then explore the North Island and look at the universities they have there. Looking into a trip to Thailand for a few months with some of the people Iv met, but who knows!?

That's the jist of things, if you want to hear the deets  email me or give me a call!

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