Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aya mates!

Had a pretty fantastic week...spent the first three days in Christchurch, where I met some pretty amazing people at the hostile. My first roommate was from Massachuesetts, and I met a German girl by the name of Hannah. We spent the last day together walking around the gardens and parks, visiting the Mauri museums and got a bit to eat at the out door mall.

Camped  that night in a field outside the city, then hopped on a shuttle the next morning to surprise Seany Mctiege in Akaroa.  Once I got there I spent the day asking people if they had seen the "blonde American boy", and eventually found out he worked on a tall ship called the fox 2. The best part of my trip so far was the look on his face when he got off the dock and saw me.

That night the family he's staying with, his dads cousin, fed me a great meal and welcomed me into their home. Sean and I couldn't wait til the next day, so we hiked up a mountain and spent the night laying under the stars in a sheep field. I've noticed there's some constellations we cant see in the northern hemisphere, and the man in the moon is upside down.That, and the birds, is the only thing that really makes me feel that I'm on the other side of the world.

I've been trying to walk at least 7-8 miles a day to build up my stamina, which has exhausted me every night so Iv been getting a good nights rest. I get a bit homesick when I wake up in the morning, but all I have to do is go into town and talk to the locals, still have yet to find an unpleasant person. Sean and I knocked on someone's door to let them know there computer was outside, and the two woman who lived there invited us in for drinks.

Went out on the Fox 2 and got to explore the harbor and swim with some dolphins, which was sick. Yesterday Sean and I hiked to the top of purple peak, which is the crest of the crater of the volcano were in. You can see for miles and see the ocean on one side and the bay down below. Sean and I are planning a trek up into the Alps. As it stands wel be leaving Tuesday on a 6 day hike along avalanche peak.

Iv been amazed with the perspective iv gained while being here. It feels awesome to be out of GB and waking up every morning knowing I'm going to experience something completely new and meet new people. I'm learning a lot about my self, and with each mountain  I climb I gain more confidence( and muscle ;) )


  1. Keep posting. Great to hear of your adventure s. Love ya LAWN

  2. lovin' this man. sounds like you're having a time of it out there. if you're still with seany give him some love for me and keep these coming. Safe travels brotha