Friday, January 11, 2013

First Day

Well rested after two days of travel. The 18 hour time difference matches up perfectly with my internal clock, waking up at 10am = 4pm in the States. The trips a but of a blur, stopped at the beach in CA to kill a 9 hour layover. Got (too) drunk on the ride over to Fiji, tiny seat but met some really cool people sitting next to me. Fiji Gold has to be the best beer I've had out of my limited repertoire.

Got through security again at the airport in Christchurch. NewZealand security is called the Aviation Security Council, an acronym I think is more suiting for the TSA. Immediately noticed how nice everyone is here, even the security guard was joking with me, and I have yet to meet an unpleasant person

Checked into Kiwibasecamp (hostile) around 5, then went and explored the city for a few hours. It's recovering from a severe earthquake that hit last year, but that's lead to some innovative ways of rebuilding. Ive seen a lot of places made out of shipping containers, and even a bar made entirely out of stacked wooden pallets.

Spent todayday walking around the city, laying on the beach and walking around the massive botanic garden in the middle of the city. The combination of my flight, realizing where I am, the weather, the scenery and my enchanting walk through the gardens has lead to the best day I've ever had. Meeting up with Sean Mctiegue tomorrow, then off to the mountains for a few weeks of hiking before I start WWOOFING. Couldn't be more excited for what's to come.

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